Professor Liu brings expertise to China

Professor Frank Liu, who also serves as the Assoc. Dean. for Legal Programs, Dir. of the Duquesne Center for Legal Information (DCLI) and the Allegheny County Law Library, recently returned from his summer travel overseas in China as part of the law school's faculty and student exchange program with two of the nation's leading universities.

As an honorary professor of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and the Beijing Jiaotung University (BJTU), who has been a Duquesne School of Law partner school since 1991, Prof. Liu conducted culturally-unique and innovative lectures about the American legal system to law students and legal professionals. He connected with students and leaders by adapting the traditional teaching style of Chinese college professors, where they often stand at a podium for the entirety of their lecture, to the Socratic method, a traditionally more interactive, dynamic western-style of teaching.

"They enjoyed my engagement, my unfamiliar teaching style and liked that I walked around and talked with them, so much so, that they invited me to come back again next year,"

Liu also conducted a training program in the capital of his native province of Jiangxi. The program was sponsored by China Justice Big Data Institute, he spoke with judges, IT techs, and other legal professionals from 26 different provinces in China about how they can digitize their court system. He introduced the American case law information system and explained the application of artificial intelligence.

While on the trip, Liu was able to visit his ancestral home in Wuning County in the Jiangxi Province and it was there where he received the unexpected opportunity to talk with the county's K-12 principals and teachers.

"They were so surprised they didn't know what to do," said Liu.

He spoke with them about the comparisons and differences between the educational systems of China and America. Liu considered the trip a great success and said, "There is much more to explore together with these partners for future opportunities."

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