Professor London receives inaugural Faculty Scholarship Grant

Ashley LondonDirector of Bar Studies and Assistant Professor of Legal Skills Ashley London was one of five professors from law schools across the United States selected to receive the first AccessLex-AASE ASP Faculty Scholarship Grant. She is receiving the award for her article entitled Who Watches the Watchmen? Using the Law Governing Lawyers to Hold Bar Examiners Accountable. She decided on this topic largely due to her work leading the Bar Studies department and teaching bar preparation and professional responsibility courses.

"I see the mental, emotional, and financial trials my students go through during this grueling process, and I can't help but think there must be a better way to do this that doesn't involve so much stress and anxiety. I also discovered that there is a real duty gap between when law students graduate and when they become licensed attorneys. As a profession, we are subject to the ethical rules governing attorney behavior. Yet those seem to not apply to the treatment of the newest members of our profession," London said.

She views this grant as a catalyst for the discussion about how new members of the profession are initiated. "I think we should have a conversation about that because I do not believe it is a healthy way to introduce our graduates to the practice of law when we say, ‘do as we say, not as we do.' Leading by example is critical to the future success of our profession," said London.

London's grant is worth $5,000. As part of it, she will participate in an AASE Works-In-Progress on or around the 2022 AASE Annual Conference and will post a publishable draft of her paper be December 31, 2022. London will also continue her work encouraging students and enabling newly minted alumni to reach their aspirations, including teaching the professional responsibility course and running the Duquesne BEST Bar Studies Program this summer.

She said, "My goal is always to support our graduates as they reach this important milestone in their legal careers. It is an honor and a privilege to work with a group of bright, dedicated, and intense group of aspiring attorneys. As educators, I think we are uniquely situation to look out for the best interests of our students. We know them extraordinarily well. We experience their frustrations firsthand, and frankly I think it is our duty to help smooth the way for them. The next generation of lawyers is so emotionally intelligent and driven to make improvements in the lives of not only their clients, but also society. Passing this licensing examination allows them to achieve these goals."

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