Wedding 2020 Style

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Judge David Spurgeon, L'96 A'93, presided over the wedding of Duquesne alumna Jenny Joyce and Rick Rump this past weekend. The couple, who had been scheduled to be married in Duquesne's chapel on April 18 but was unable due to COVID-19, wanted to be married on that date because it was the wedding anniversary of the bride's grandparents. "I'm not one of the front line workers in the medical field, a first responder or someone working in a grocery store that interacts with the public each day," said Spurgeon. "These people are making sacrifices every day, so it was no-brainer to officiate the wedding. My entire career has been in public service, and this was just a natural extension of my judicial duties I took an oath to uphold. Ensuring this couple were married on the day that they chose provided some normalcy and control of their future lives together."

Jenny and Rick will in fact, have their big church wedding in Duquesne Chapel later this year.

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