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Program Goals and Objectives


The Paralegal Institute’s Mission is to prepare students for careers as legal support professionals by providing a well-balanced, fully-integrated education including substantive knowledge, practical skills and a perspective of themselves and the community that enable them to perform effectively in a variety of legal settings.  The Values that guide the Paralegal Institute are a devotion to the University’s Spiritan ideals, commitment to the ethical obligations of legal services professionals, and acceptance of individual responsibility in advancing the Institute’s Mission in furtherance of its Vision.

When you complete your paralegal certificate you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the legal system, its processes, and alternatives
  • Be capable of considering complex and varying legal issues
  • Understand the rules of professional conduct governing lawyers and their application to paralegals in all employment settings
  • Develop analytical and judgment abilities and be capable of performing legal and factual research using both traditional and emerging technology tools
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of substantive law and legal principles in one or more areas of practice
  • Develop sound legal writing skills
  • Be capable of applying knowledge management and organizational skills in the legal setting

To prepare students for on-the-job success, the program will:

  • Stay abreast of changes in the delivery of legal services in the community and respond to the growing need for well educated individuals trained to assist lawyers in providing a variety of legal services
  • Provide students with an understanding and appreciation of how the legal system works and the role of paralegals
  • Provide an education that emphasizes the importance of research, writing, technology literacy, and professional responsibility, including pro bono service
  • Evaluate curriculum and services on a regular basis and incorporate changes identified through that process
  • Engage instructors with outstanding practical experience and communication skills, and foster their professional development
  • Promote an appreciation and respect for others

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