Photo of Marcy Smorey Giger teaching class

Why Duquesne?

Hear from Paralegal Institute Alumni

"The Paralegal Institute has not only exposed me to the dynamic field of paralegal practices, but also has allowed me to grow and enhance my skills in order to remain competitive in the marketplace."

Mary Cox, alumna

“The Paralegal Institute has prepared me for my current job in a profound way. Through my class work and meetings, I am head and shoulders above other paralegals who have not gone to Duquesne’s program.”

Stefan Heidinger, alumnus

Photo of David Gerber“My time at the Paralegal Institute was nothing short of amazing. The Paralegal Institute’s dedication to academic excellence and career preparation has allowed me to be immediately effective in the legal field. Thanks to the readily available and helpful faculty, I have become hired at a tremendous firm and gained academic notoriety by way of winning the LEX scholarship.”

 David G. Gerber, alumnus

“Duquesne was the clear choice for my paralegal education. Its faculty and University resources are top-notch, and the faculty clearly care about each student."

Jennifer Lawyer, paralegal student

"As a stay-at-home mother who was looking to return to work, I decided to update my skills and return to school at the only ABA-approved program in the region - and it was right here in Pittsburgh. This wonderful program enabled me to learn the skills needed to start my paralegal career."

Robin Westwood, alumna

Photo of Rachel Vopal“I am grateful every day for the opportunity to participate in and complete Duquesne’s Paralegal Institute. So many doors are open to me and the possibilities are endless.” 

Rachel Vopal, alumna

“My thanks to the program for helping me get my career on track.”

Bob Mente, alumnus

"My recent promotion to supervisor is due in large part to my education at Duquesne’s Paralegal Institute."

Lissette Maney, alumna

“Joseph P. Nigro, who teaches legal research and writing as well as practical assignments, deserves a lifetime achievement award from the American Bar Association for legal instruction. Mr. Nigro is dedicated to his students and his profession. 

Carrie Duffield, CP, alumna

 "I will be attending Brooklyn Law School on full merit scholarship contingent upon being in the top 80 percent of my [paralegal] class. I wouldn't be where I am without the Paralegal Institute."

Mark Maciuch, alumnus