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Learn to lead

Our students come to the Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University from all walks of life, each bringing a diverse background and unique perspective. They come together as a family to learn, study, and interact in a rigorous academic setting.

Just as they find down time with each other, many students become involved in any of our 30 student run organizations. Each one is unique, just like each student, and enhances personal and professional interests. They make important connections in these pursuits and gain significant experience.

Students shine in the many leadership opportunities that are available, either through running an organization or volunteering in one. They also hone their legal skills by joining our award-winning trial advocacy and nationally award-winning appellate moot court program.

Whether practicing for a simulated trial, advocating for animals, or promoting military issues, students pursue the activities that interest them, personalizing their law school journey.

Create a balance

Organizations are only one way our student life team helps our lawyers create a healthy mind, work, and body balance. Stress relief and wellness activities-such as yoga-are offered routinely in our meditation room.

Lunchtime sessions for law students, networking, and affinity group get-togethers are other ways we strive to keep students connected and help them unwind. We also get back to basics, sometimes painting rocks or decorating jack-o-lanterns to take a break from studies, bond, and relax.

Our students anticipate the annual activities we organize. From the PILA Auction, to the Hanley Bowl law student flag football game, to the Barristers' Ball, to the Katie Westbrook 5K Race & Dog Walk, we offer a variety of endeavors to meet your personal and professional interests and ambitions.

Working together

Our staff's office doors are open to our students. We work together to help them find their passions in the pursuit of the law. We likewise lend helping hands and ears to students as they navigate their personal and professional paths.