Endowed Scholarships

 Each year the School of Law distributes a number of scholarships from a wide array of endowed scholarship funds made possible by the generous contributions of our benefactors. Application procedures are distributed to current students in the spring term. A portion of incoming student scholarships are also funded through the endowed funds.

Duquesne Law also awards a limited amount of endowment scholarship funds to returning law students in good standing who have unmet need, as determined by the Financial Aid Office, and who meet certain criteria delineated by the donors. Students must complete a FAFSA form as well as an online application to be considered. 

Patsy R. Alberti Endowed Scholarship

Matthew Quay Ammon Endowed Scholarship

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Scholarship

E. Carl Camphire and Marthellen Camphire Memorial Scholarship

Eleanor Polis Capone Memorial Fund

Judge and Mrs William F. Cercone Endowed Scholarship

James A. Chokey Scholarship

Damian Family Endowed Scholarship

Ronald R. Davenport Endowed Fund

Catherine Celeste Dillon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gretchen D. Donaldson Endowed Scholarship

E. Louis Feldman Endowed Scholarship

Abraham S. and Edythe R. Fingold Endowed Scholarship

Ralph and Mary Frederick Endowed Scholarship Fund

Zeno (L'1926) and Thomas (L'1964) Fritz Endowed Scholarship

Paul Gilardi Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Paul J. Gitnik Endowed Scholarship Fund

Selma and Edward Goldberg Endowed Scholarship

Mary R. Grealy, Esq. Endowed Scholarship

The Paige Alexandra Hardy Scholarship Fund for Legal Studies

Randy K. Hareza Memorial Endowed Scholarship

John J. Hickton Endowed Scholarship

Judith A. Kasdan Memorial Scholarship

Edward J. Krug Endowed Scholarship

Law School Endowed Scholarship

Duquesne University School of Law Class of 1962 Day Division Endowed Scholarship Fund

Law Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Duquesne University School of Law Anniversary Scholarship

Leo J. Loughren Endowed Scholarship

H. Murray Lubic L'26 Endowed Scholarship

Morris I. & Helen E. Machen Scholarship

Josephine McDonagh Memorial Scholarship

Tom and Rose Brennan McManus Scholarship

Justice Michael A. Musmanno Scholarship

Alan Papernick Endowed Scholarship

Robert N. Peirce, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Milton E. Raiford Endowed Scholarship

Leona Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Reginald P. Robosson Law Scholarship for a Woman's 1st Year Academic Achievement

Elizabeth M. Scheib Scholarship

Dean John Sciullo Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Louis E. Skender Memorial Scholarship

Mary Elizabeth Viola Scholarship

Frank J. Zappala Endowed Scholarship