Health Law Society Sport-A-Thon

photo of Morgan Miller at he health law society sport a thon

Do you like to physically challenge yourself?

Do you like to raise money for charity?

Do you like to have fun outdoors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready for the Health Law Society Sport-A-Thon!

When: Spring Semesters, before finals

Where: A-Walk, behind the law school

Who: This event is open to everyone!  We need participants as well as sponsors.

Why: To raise money for Pittsburgh Mercy's Operation Safety Net, Pittsburgh's "street medicine" program.

Here's how it works:

Download, print out, or email Sponsorship Pledge Forms and find people who would like to sponsor you to complete physical tasks.  The possibilities are endless!  For example, a sponsor could pledge to pay X amount of dollars IF you can jump rope 100 times in a row without tripping.  It may take several tries, but if you complete the task, you just raised your pledged amount for Operation Safety Net! There will also be a live donation link posted on this page closer to the event date for those who just want to make a donation without any challenges needing to be met.

There is no limit to the challenges you can accept.  Sit-ups, plank holding, push-ups, jumping rope...if it's a physical challenge, we can make it happen!  Pledges can be designated for a length of time, a number of repetitions, whatever the sponsor wants, for whatever dollar amount they choose.  Join us for the first official allowable law school gathering since March 2020!  We will be masked, socially distanced, and outside.  There will be snacks and games, and we can have fun cheering each other on to complete the challenges.   

Questions?  Please contact Beth Bauer: or 412.396.6186

photo of Ell Connally at the health law society sport a thon