Woman of the Year Event

28th Annual Woman of the Year Reception 2020

photo of the 20 20 woman of the year event

Left to right: Amanda Leonard, Emily C. Weiss (Recent Graduate of the Year), Andrea Ocepek Geraghty (Woman of the Year), Dominique Wiggins, Alexandra Jones

Woman of the Year: Andrea Ocepek Geraghty, L'83
Recent Graduate of the Year: Emily C. Weiss, L'15

The Woman of the Year event was established by the students of the Women's Law Association and honors two distinguished women, the Woman of the Year and the Recent Graduate of the Year. The Woman of the Year award is given to a female alumna who promotes gender equality, gives back to the community, demonstrates professionalism and leadership, raises awareness about issues affecting women, maintains a meaningful connection with female Duquesne Law students, and pioneers a new path for women in the legal profession.

The Recent Graduate of the Year is given to a female alumna who also exemplifies these characteristics and who has graduated in the last five years. These awards have been given to many distinguished women in the legal field over the last twenty-eight years, including judges, prominent attorneys, professors, deans and authors. The recipients this year are welcome additions to the legacy and tradition.

This year's Woman of the Year Reception was held on March 10, 2020, at the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh.  The event was well attended by the recipients' families, friends, and colleagues.  The Duquesne University Women's Law Association President, Amanda Leonard, gave the Welcome, Dean April Mara Barton of the Duquesne University School of Law gave Remarks, Dominique Wiggings, the Duquesne University Women's Law Association Woman of the Year Chair provided the Awards Overview.  Emily C. Weiss, Recent Graduate of the Year, was introduced by Martin McKown.  Andrea Ocepek Geraghty, Woman of the Year, was introduced by the Honorable Maureen Lally-Green.  Closing remarks were given by Alexandra Jones of the Duquesne University Women's Law Association.

Special thanks to our event sponsors, the Allegheny County Bar Association Women in the Law Division and the Duquesne University School of Law Alumni Association.

Past Recipients - Woman of the Year

2019 Honorable Kim Berkeley Clark
2018 Katie Charlton
2017 Jessica Jurasko
2016 Cynthia E. Kernick
2015 Tracey McCants Lewis
2014 Nicola Henry-Taylor
2013 Mary C. McGinley
2012 Assistant Dean Ella Kwisnek
2011 Professor Amelia Joiner
2010 Toni Pellegrini
2009 Associate Dean Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour
2008 Mary-Jo Rebelo
2007 Honorable Stephanie Domitrovich
2006 Honorable Kate Ford Elliott
2005 Honorable Joy Flowers Conti
2004 Maureen P. Kelly
2003 Professor Jacklyn A. Cherry
2002 Marie Millie Jones
2001 Professor Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour
2000 Honorable Joan Orie Melvin
1999 Honorable Cynthia A. Baldwin 
1998 Linda L. Kelly
1997 Honorable Maureen E. Lally-Green
1996 Honorable Donetta W. Ambrose
1995 Caroline Mitchell
1994 Lynna N. Crenny
1993 Gretchen Haggerty

Past Recipients - Recent Graduate of the Year   

2019 Rebecca L. Silinski
2018 Tami L. Mack
2017 Shayna Petrella Raver
2016 Dr. Christy M. Gamble
2015 Gabriella Steier
2014 Christina Horton Duty
2013 Lisa M. Barnett
2012 Kathryn M. Cooper
2011 Sarah L. Andrews
2010 Michelle Mantini
2009 Amie M. Mihalko
2008 Nicole Scialabba