2020-2021 SBA Executive Board Members and Senators

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Jonathan Veres Jonathan Veres photo 

Serving as SBA-Vice President, and seeing students and the administration working together to achieve real, palpable change has been an absolute honor. My time as VP and Chair of the Mentor/Mentee committee prepared me well to serve as your SBA President. As such, I'm asking for your help to do so. Together, we can continue to see Duquesne improve as it helps us to become fantastic attorneys.

During this time, I've worked closely with Vice-President Ell Connally, and I'm continuously impressed by her dedication and devotion to the students of Duquesne Law. Together, we want to bring transparency and comradery to the SBA, so every student has a voice. Our goal is to ensure that Duquesne's unmatched alumni network continues to grow stronger from seeds planted during our time at law school. That goal can only be achieved with your help.

Thank you for your support.

Vice President

Ell Connally Ell Connally photo

Since my 1L year, I have had the honor of serving my peers as an elected member of the Student Bar Association, first as a 1L Senator ('18-'19) then as the SBA Treasurer ('19-'20). Through these two years of student government experience, I have learned valuable lessons of the Dos and Don'ts of student leadership, built relationships with faculty and staff alike, and have earned the trust and confidence of my peers. I would be humbled to have the opportunity to passionately apply these lessons and skills in the capacity of your SBA Vice-President during the 2020-2021 academic year.

For the past couple of months, I have been talking through a vision for the 2020-2021 school year with SBA Presidential candidate, Jonathan Veres. Our aim is to provide the Duquesne Law student body with transparent and proactive leadership. We envision an environment of increased dialogue between students and administration and among student organizations; of robust community spirit, both in academics and social/philanthropic events; and of deep trust in both student and faculty leadership through regular communication and forums for critique and comment.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to serving you alongside the Senators you elect to represent you. Be patient, be kind, be brave, have faith!

Evening Vice President

Position Open


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2D Senators

Antonio Bonnetty Antonio Bonnetty photo

My name is Antonio Bonnetty, and I am running for re-election for a Day Division Senator Position. This year we worked together to get projects done, such as better maintenance of the fridge. Last year I made an unconventional promise to you, I said, "I can not promise that we will get everything done, nor should that be an exception. However, I can promise you that I will respect you, listen to you, and that we will work together and make a difference." That is a promise I have kelp and expect to keep, together we make mountains move, and going forward, we will create our own.

Stephon Burton Stephon Burton photo

The main reason that I would like to continue to be a Senator for the class of 2022 is continued success. Throughout the course of this year, we have made amazing strides. From surviving the first cold call, to rallying to continue to thrive during the current pandemic, we've crossed these bridges together. This indicative of the type of community that we have as a school, but more importantly, the type of community that we have as a class. My goal when I ran for 1L was to try to get everyone to help create a sense of community amongst our class. I think we've done just that, and we've seen it create tangible results such as the recent success we had with the Barrister's Ball. These sort of things are of course fun, but they also benefit the school, positively impacting the community at large. I want to continue the trend and help make positive contributions to the Duquesne community. I also want us to continue striving to be the best that we can be. I understand that we need to continue to be unified, and making ourselves and the community around us stronger throughout the next year is my top priority.

Brianna Schmid  Brianna Schmid photo

I am running for re-election as one of your Day Division Senators to continue the work I did during 1L year as a Senator, ensuring effective and efficient communication between the students and the administration, being a voice for concerns and for praise, and bettering the school overall. After my first year of serving on multiple committee's, including the Barristers Ball Committee, I am ready to continue to serve SBA and the Law School in any way necessary this upcoming year, and do so with the student body's desires as the forefront of my campaign and time as a Senator. With passion, vigor, and grit, I hope to be able to continue working to serve the students through this position. Please consider voting for me for re-election this year!

Sarah Thomas sarah thomas photo

I am running for re-election as 2L Day Division Senator to further SBA's mission of providing a clear channel of communication between the Duquesne Law student body and law school administration.

Next year may present unique challenges that follow our unprecedented current circumstances. Now more than ever, SBA should emphasize opportunities for student discussion to better inform our priorities as a governing body. Of course, I also hope to work with SBA to provide ample resources, recreational and fundraising events, and activities.

Moving forward, I hope to build upon the accomplishments of the 2019-2020 SBA board, and directly address the ever-changing needs of our law school community. Please consider voting for me, and thank you for your consideration!

3D Senators

Jake Noble photo of Jake Noble

Hi everybody! * Dr. Nick voice from Simpsons*

I like talking with other people, and making sure my colleagues are "in the know" about what is going on around school - not just what the SBA is up to - and will likely continue to do so whether or not I am re-elected to SBA as a 3L senator, however...if I'm on SBA, I can continue to have a legitimate reason to keep the faculty abreast of our questions, comments, and concerns.

Though I generally dislike incumbents, I generally like me :) so vote to keep me (Jake Noble...the ukulele/Tenacious D guy) on the SBA Senate!

(3) 3D Senator Positions Open

4D Senator

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2E Senators

Kayla Ford Kayla Ford photo

This Spring I was elected by the SBA to serve as an interim 1E Senator. While my time as a senator has been brief, I have found that the position is critical for providing support to my fellow classmates. If I were elected as 2E Senator, I would continue to use it as an opportunity to guide both my classmates and incoming students through the transition needed to make their time at law school successful. I have the benefit of having experience working closely with faculty and administration coupled with the ability to see how successful Duquesne lawyers represent themselves after graduation. Working full time and going to law school at night is a lot to take on. As an evening student, we have to balance work, school, and our social lives in a very strict and structured manner. As a 2E senator I would push to have more opportunities for the evening students by advocating for even opportunities available to our other students that we cannot attend because of our schedules. It would be an honor to provide both support and the ability to advocate for change that would help each and every Duquesne Law student succeed in their journey. Thank you for your time and consideration.

(1) 2E Senator Position Open

3E Senators

Mallory Friday photo of Mallory Friday

Evening students bring unique and valuable perspectives to the Duquesne Law community. Unfortunately, as an evening student, time is not on our side. However, many of us want to be involved members of this community, and most importantly, we want to feel heard. My hope is to take the burden of extra time commitments from fellow evening students by providing myself as a resource for guidance and an outlet for students' voices. Evening students deserve to be well informed about the issues at hand within Duquesne Law, and I hope to show the respect I have for your limited and valuable time by providing you with needed information in the most effective and efficient ways. I would be honored to represent you. Please consider voting for me for 3E Senator!

(1) 3E Senator Position Open

4E Senators

Rachel Pressdee photo of rachel pressdee

I have served as an evening student SBA Senator for the past two years and I would like to continue representing the evening students during my 4E year. Please consider voting for me for re-election. Thanks!

(1) 4E Senator Position Open