Wellness Programs and Resources

Law School Wellbeing Workshop Series

The series will examine five of the pillars of wellbeing: psychological flexibility, mindfulness, emotion regulation/distress tolerance, acceptance, and self-compassion. One of these pillars will be addressed each week during an approximately 50-minute workshop. Each workshop will include didactic, experiential, and discussion-based activities.

Law students - attend 3 or more of the 5 sessions and choose a FREE Wellness Gift: Metal Water Bottle, Fitness Tracker, or Yoga Mat with Carry Bag!  Details in Room 108

Law School Wellness Workshop Series Mediasite Channel

Week 1 - Psychological Flexibility

Week 2 - Mindfulness

Week 3 - Emotional Regulation and Distress Tolerance

Week 4 - Acceptance 

Week 5 - Self - Compassion