Students are always welcome to meet with the Dean of Students about any problems or concerns.  Whether an issue is an academic or a personal concern that may adversely impact academics, the Dean of Students works with students to get the help they need and to develop strategies to manage problems.  All matters are kept strictly confidential so long as no threat of harm to self or another appears imminent.

Duquesne University supports law student wellbeing with the following services:

  1. Center for Student Wellbeing

    1. Counseling and Wellbeing Center, Room 636 Fisher Hall, Phone: 412.396.6204

    2. Health Services, 2nd Floor, Union, Phone: 412.396.1650

    3. Sports and Recreation, 2nd Floor, Power Center, Phone: 412.396.5050. Basketball/volleyball courts, Racquetball courts, Cardio equipment, Fitness studios, Weight room, Exercise classes. Towers Swimming Pool. McCloskey Field. Basketball/Street Hockey Court. Tennis Court.

  2. DU CARES, Assumption Hall, 412.396.5834 - Drug and alcohol counseling and information.

  3. Disability Services, 309 Student Union, 412.396.6658 – resources on receiving accommodations for disabilities

  4. Psychology Clinic, 227 Rockwell Hall, 412.396.6562 – Affordable services provided by doctoral students in Duquesne University's clinical psychology program who are working under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty members and selected licensed adjunct faculty psychologists in the community.

  5. Group Therapy Workshop, Support, and Social Groups, Duquesne University is offering virtual and in person support group meetings for all Duquesne students, faculty and staff to provide spaces where we can support each other, learn coping skills and gain insight as we all navigate stressful and uncertain cultural times:  

  • LGBTQIA+ Support and Social Group

  • Student Study Skills Group

  • Meditation Practice for Challenging Times, Meditation Group for Students

  • The Well: Student Support Group

  • The Village: Where Duquesne African American Students can Express their Emotional Needs and Receive Support

  • RISE (Offered through DU CARES) : Support group for student who have family, friends or loved ones battling substance use disorders or have lost loved ones to the disease

6. Campus Ministry, located on the ground level of the Towers Living Learning Center, the Spiritan Campus Ministry Center (SCMC) houses a relaxing lounge area, a study room, a café and kitchen, and reflection space.  University chapel holds masses every day.

7. Student Health Insurance, Student health insurance is mandatory for all law students.  Enroll or waive the Duquesne University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) throuh this link.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Law School Wellbeing Workshop Series

The series examined five of the pillars of wellbeing: psychological flexibility, mindfulness, emotion regulation/distress tolerance, acceptance, and self-compassion. One of these pillars was addressed each week during an approximately 50-minute workshop. Each workshop included didactic, experiential, and discussion-based activities.

Law students - attend or watch 3 or more of the 5 sessions and choose a FREE Wellness Gift:
Metal Water Bottle, Fitness Tracker, or Yoga Mat with Carry Bag! Details in Room 108

Law School Wellness Workshop Series Mediasite Channel

Week 1 - Psychological Flexibility

Week 2 - Mindfulness

Week 3 - Emotional Regulation and Distress Tolerance

Week 4 - Acceptance

Week 5 - Self - Compassion

Duq's Ukes Music Therapy

Join us for relaxation through music!  Join us as a music maker or a music listener, and let the stress melt away.

Therapets Visiting Animals

Do you love animals?  The Animal Law Society hosts Therapet visits from several volunteer animals and their handlers each month, right in the law school's student lounge.

Outside Wellbeing Resources are also available for law students:

American Bar Association wellbeing resources – the ABA offers wellbeing tips and links for law students.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers – Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, Inc. is a comprehensive assistance program designed to meet the unique needs of law students, lawyers, judges and their family members who are struggling with alcohol and drug related problems or with stress, anxiety, depression, gambling and other emotional and mental health issues. Lawyers' Confidential Helpline: 1.888.999.1941.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Resources for the Legal Profession During Covid-19, August 2021

Law School Academic Success Project – the Law School Academic Success Project offers wellness advice and resources.