Liberal Arts

At Duquesne, Liberal Arts means something more. We are the analytical thinkers, creative problem solvers and strategic communicators the professional world is seeking.

Critical Skills for Success

Our graduates succeed in professional careers across diverse sectors including non-profit, healthcare, government and politics, sports, education, law, religion and private industry. For students who want to make their mark in academic careers, we provide a strong foundation for graduate school.

While in the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, you will:

  • Develop and fine-tune your critical and analytical thinking
  • Become adept at problem solving
  • Learn how to commuicate clearly and effectively

Research shows these are among the top skills potential employers look for in new employees. See why Google values new hires with Liberal Arts degrees.

Our Faculty & Internships Prepare You for Real-World Careers

Our faculty excel in their fields--and they care that you do, too. As a student in the liberal arts, you’ll work alongside and learn from faculty who are authors and editors of respected journals and scholarly books; leaders in professional organizations; and recipients of national and regional awards for teaching, scholarship, service and ethics.

Through these affiliations, we connect our students and graduates with meaningful networking opportunities, internships and careers.