The Liberal Arts at Duquesne

We promise you an education that's exactly what you need. You are the analytical thinker, the creative problem solver, the strategic communicator. We are the liberal arts. Together, we ask big questions and create big ideas. Our faculty will walk with you as you create your path to success and gain an education that's more than you can ever imagine.

A Liberal Arts Education that Will Prepare You for Your Future

Education is about the moments that move you to a new and clearer vantage point—both in what you're studying and in the larger world. It is also about gaining skills you need now, and learning how to acquire what you need later.

In the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, you will:

  • Learn to form and present effective arguments in writing or speech
  • Analyze situations and solve problems in both the classroom and community
  • Build on a wide sense of cultural and historical understanding, working to create a future we all can share

In healthcare, government and politics, sports, education, law, religion, business and industry, Duquesne graduates attain meaningful success.

We're Behind You 100%

Photo of Joshua Furlong"I think what separates us from other schools, and why I like Duquesne a lot more, is that I can actually talk to my professors. You know, life happens, especially like in my case. So, I can reach out to my teachers and say, "Hey, I'm having some problems. How can we work through this?" I'm not one of 500 people. You can tell people actually care here."

- Joshua Furlong, Digital Media Arts major

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Learn Together

Our faculty excel in their fields—and their dedication and enthusiasm make their classes exciting places to be. You will learn alongside award-winning faculty who write and edit respected journals and books, and who lead professional organizations. You also can work within communities throughout the city and region, across the U.S. and in other nations. Duquesne's committed network will connect you with purposeful networking connections, internships and research opportunities.

Dr. Patrick Juola

"It is really wonderful to work with students. One of the things that most students don't appreciate is how much they can do at an undergraduate level."

- Dr. Patrick Juola, forensic linguist at the forefront of machine learning

In addition to his work as a professor and mentor, Juola directs the Evaluating Variations in Language Lab. He and three undergraduate students utilize a National Science Foundation grant to study different applications of authorship attribution, personality detection, author profiling and verification.