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Travels and Encounters Through Cultures Across the Globe

Co-Directors: Dr. Sarah Miller, Classics & Dr. Derek Hook, Psychology 


VIA emphasizes the importance of movement in all of its forms and purposes-travel, journeying, exploration, immigration, pilgrimage, exile-to the ways cultures, religious communities, and nations understand themselves and the way in which they make sense of the "other" and the unfamiliar. VIA will also explore the ways in which movement, physical and symbolic, is important to the emergence of cultures and to their transformation over time.

Fall 2018

Greek & Roman Mythology (CLSX/WSGS 123C-01 MW 3:00-4:15) Sarah Miller, Classics

This course is an introduction to classical mythology with an emphasis on journeys-on the sea, to the underworld, through suffering and discovery. We will be reading tales of heroes and heroines who journey for war, love, novelty, adventure, and in search of knowledge. What is a journey? How has this concept changed from antiquity to the present day? Who were the heroes of great journeys in classical literature and who was excluded from them? What are the benefits and risks of journeys? Can Greek and Roman mythology impact your life journey?

Intro to Psychology as a Human Science (PSYC 203C TR 1:40-2:55) Derek Hook, Psychology 

This course introduces the student to a variety of non-positivist traditions in Continental philosophy, and their implications for psychology. .

Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum (UCOR 101C-06 - TR 12:15-1:30pm) Nicole Aceto, English 

This course is an extremely important course, teaching concepts that students will draw upon throughout the rest of their college career. Not only will this class prepare students for the writing they will be required to do over the next four years but it will also prepare them to manage their time, read critically, produce work that meets a North American college level standard, and transition from high school to college. While the course will focus on familiarizing students with the aims of written discourse, this particular section will explicitly explore how evaluative, analytical, and critical thinking skills relate to the overall focus of the community.