Adam Dehm

Adam Dehm

What makes a great police officer? Is it courage? Tenacity? Strength?

Adam Dehm believes that open-mindedness is one trait that will make him a great police officer.

Adam is a senior studying sociology here at Duquesne. It was an easy choice: his mother attended school here, and since he knew his goal was to work in law enforcement, the Criminal Justice track that our Sociology department offers just made sense.

Learning from a diverse group of people both inside and outside the classroom has been one of the highlights of Adam's academic career. He says that it's interesting to hear different viewpoints from fellow classmates and professors. He feels that being able to process these differing perspectives will allow him to become a better law enforcement officer. Studying the liberal arts has only enhanced this experience. Adam has engaged in research with faculty members, improved his communication skills, and applied what he's learned in the field.

Last fall, Adam interned at the Office of Children, Youth and Families, a subset of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. He describes the experience as "eye-opening," explaining that visiting homes to ensure the safety of families and children allowed him to view law enforcement from a human services perspective. The experience was invaluable and gave Adam insight into how police officers and human service providers can work together for the benefit of families in need. He feels that being able to view cases from a human services perspective would only make him a better officer.

Adam's long-term goal is to work human trafficking and children's cases. Being so close to starting his career is what pushes him to jump out of bed every morning. He's confident about his chances of being hired upon graduating, stating "with the background that I have here at Duquesne I think that I'm a really good candidate for the jobs I'm applying for."

That's true - he is a really good candidate. We think he'll be an even better police officer.