Adele Bodog

adele bodog and pittsburgh skyline

Meet Adele!

Adele is an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Journalism and a certificate in Business. You might catch her spending free time singing R&B or going out with her friends.

She is the sole owner and designer of FCWL, a lingerie company focused on African-inspired designs. She crafts her pieces based on colors and themes from Cameroonian prints as well as the African landscape. During Africa Week this past September, Adele became the first student vendor to sell her wares from a booth on academic walk. She was inspired to work in lingerie because she believes that it is empowering to women and that "the right piece can change someone's life."

Her business is not without a purpose, as Adele donates a portion of her profits to Cameroonian initiatives. In 2019, she will be donating 30% of the profits from her upcoming line to refugee projects in Cameroon. Future plans go far beyond just donating, however: "I want to open up my own school in Cameroon, so I want to put money aside to do that. But there's a lot of war going on in Cameroon, and many people are taking refuge. So [for now] I kinda just want to focus on giving money to that area." The passion for Africa stems from her father, who Adele says "loved Cameroon and had so much pride. I think when he passed, that was passed down to me because it's all I think about now."

A shortage of post-graduation options doesn't seem to be an issue for Adele: she is in the process of interviewing for a marketing representative position at a Pittsburgh startup company. She also recently applied for the Peace Corps, which leaves her with a tough decision: continue to focus on her career in marketing while helping the people of Africa from afar, or dive headfirst into a role where she will have the opportunity to help people directly. Adele is grateful for the opportunities either way, acknowledging that "I think my life will go very differently depending on which I pick."

Wherever her path may lead, we're proud of all that Adele has done and wish her the best in all future endeavors!