Gabby Kolencik

gabby kolencik

If Gabby looks younger than your average law student, it's because she is. She started her first year at Duquesne Law School this fall, and has arrived here much sooner than most students her age. With the help of her high school's dual-enrollment program, Gabby arrived at Duquesne with a stack of credits under her belt and set out to earn an English degree.

Two years later, as she begins her law school journey, she reflects on her time so far and the factors that brought her to Duquesne in the first place. Gabby's high school English teacher happened to be a Duquesne alum, which weighed heavily on her decision to attend school here.

She was also intrigued by Duquesne's "3/3" program, which allows Liberal Arts and Business students of certain majors to receive a law degree in six years. Gabby says she was impressed by Duquesne's Law School, and through the program she would be able to earn a law degree as soon as possible.

Gabby chose to pursue an undergraduate degree in English, which she says was her goal all along: "my English background has set me up to do well in Law School." She cites her English professors as a major source of influence and information, adding that "I really appreciate their willingness to work with me, listen to my ideas, and meet with me outside of class to expand on what we've started in the classroom."

When asked what gets her out of bed in the morning, Gabby laughed and said "Other than a cup of coffee? Poetry. I love to read it. I love to write it. City life energizes me. I love seeing that people are doing amazing things every day. I'm so inspired by the people around me."

As for the future, she's excited about life in Pittsburgh and starting a career in elder law. Gabby hopes that she can one day sit down and assure someone that she is going to ensure that their loved one is going to be okay.

It's that call to service and drive to help others that makes us proud to call Gabby one of our students.