Kristina Celeste

kristina celeste

Meet Kristina!

Kristina is a double major in International Relations and Political Science, with a minor in African Studies. She's a first generation college student, and if you feel like you JUST saw her at freshman orientation, you're not crazy - Kristina is graduating after only 2.5 years here at Duquesne. She attributes a number of factors to her early graduation, including a high school dual enrollment program, taking summer classes, and being motivated by the faculty here at Duquesne.

"I had really great faculty in the programs that I'm in. It really served as a motivator to keep me going. It made me want to not stop learning."

She recounts that some of her favorite experiences were conducting research alongside faculty such as Dr. Megan Overby, professor of Speech-Language Pathology, Dr. John Le Beau, professor of International Relations, and Dr. Mark Haas, professor of Political Science. Kristina cites these professors as instrumental to her discovering her love of research

The International Relations study abroad program in Rome, Italy was another highlight for Kristina. She remembers her time spent abroad fondly, saying of her fellow Duquesne students, "we became like family."

Kristina feels that the majors she chose allowed her to build a variety skills that she didn't expect to have coming into the program. From interpreting large numbers of data to foreign policy assessments, she feels that her time here at Duquesne has prepared her for whatever curveballs the future might throw at her.

Although she says she never doubted any of her collegiate choices or major decisions, Kristina admits that there are drawbacks to graduating as early as she has. She entered Duquesne in the Class of 2020, and will now be leaving a year and a half sooner than many of her friends and classmates.

Still, the future looks bright and the possibilities are endless for Kristina. She plans on following her heart when making the decisions that will dictate what's to come.

We're sad to see her leave so soon, but incredibly excited to see what the future holds in store!