Mary Pieters

mary elise pieters

Meet Mary!

Mary is a Junior International Relations major from a little town near Philadelphia. She may attend Duquesne, but she hasn't spent much time on the Bluff recently.

Mary spent her Fall 2018 semester in Dublin, Ireland as part of Duquesne's Study Abroad program. Everyone she met in Ireland was incredibly friendly and she enjoyed the independence of the Dublin program as it allows Duquesne students to attend the University College of Dublin and immerse themselves into a different culture for a few months.

According to Mary, the experience in Dublin helped prepare her for her upcoming internship with the U.S. Department of State in Dubai. The internship will consist of work within the U.S. Consulate General Dubai - assisting the diplomats with a variety of tasks and reporting back to Washington on the state of affairs in the United Arab Emirates. Mary seemed very excited about the opportunity, saying it would be "another adventure."

She learned of the internship through Duquesne's International Relations department, to which Mary gave very high praise. Despite coming to Duquesne with the intention of studying psychology, she found a passion for International Relations after taking an International Relations class with Fr. John Sawicki. She cites Fr. Sawicki as a critical influence in her "major" decision as well as a helpful mentor throughout her academic career. She feels that her experiences in the College of Liberal Arts helped guide her to this moment, explaining "I don't think I would have been able to get this internship if I didn't have mentors and people that cared who were helping me. I definitely think that Duquesne has helped so much. The classes are amazing. The professors are amazing. I genuinely feel that they care about me. They've guided me so much."

In the future, Mary would love to work in some form of federal agency, perhaps as a Foreign Service Officer in the state department. We wish Mary the best in Dubai and offer her the full support of the College!