Sean Vinsick

sean vinsick

Meet Sean!

Sean is a Computer Science major with a double minor in Philosophy and Mathematics.

He isn't your typical college student: he's a member of the National Guard, has a wife and three kids waiting for him at home, and he might be analyzing your tweets right now...

No, Sean's not a Twitter addict - he works at the EVL Lab, where they use speech algorithms for a variety of data gathering and investigating purposes. The lab focuses on stylometry (a subset of Natural Language Processing) which uses algorithms to identify an author's individual "writing thumbprint" and compares that "thumbprint" to other works in order to determine if the author also wrote those works. A common application of this is in plagiarism detection, but the technology can be applied to a myriad of research.

Sean has enjoyed the academic environment at Duquesne, recalling that he "always learned something new in every class." He believes Liberal Arts in particular helped him to be a "more well-rounded person." Specifically, Sean says that he is able to apply his math and computer science skills to obstacles that he encounters in his work with the National Guard - namely reconnaissance work and computer-related productivity.

Despite the difficulties that arise from balancing family, school, and army life, Sean has managed to make the most of his time here. He travelled to Germany with Dr. Patrick Juola to present a paper that they co-authored on using EVL Lab technology to test personality types via Twitter.

Working for Google is a post-graduation goal for Sean, as he feels that they are creating standards in technology. He admits that "For me, it's never been about just doing a daily grind. It's always been about being a part of something that everybody's using." He'd love to be a part of an Android development team, and use "low-level" programming in order to forge new paths in technology.

We thank Sean for his service to our country and his hard work here at Duquesne!