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Catholic Studies

Do you want to understand the relationship between your Catholic faith and your intellectual pursuits?

Regardless of your religious faith and background, Catholic Studies welcomes you to learn more about the Catholic faith and the contributions of Catholicism to world history, local and global culture.

Apply Catholic teaching and principles to your own particular field of study — whether that is business or nursing, humanities or the sciences. Immerse yourself in an interdisciplinary program devoted to the study of the Catholic tradition. This tradition has been lived in different historical contexts and cultural forms for two millennia. It is united by a common faith in Jesus Christ and forms a Church communion that continues to have significant impact on our understanding of reality and, therefore, every discipline across the University.

Catholic Studies integrates rigorous intellectual inquiry with the living faith of the Church. You can gain a greater understanding, appreciation and advancement of Catholicism's extraordinary contributions to life, society and world cultures. Learn to apply insight far beyond the University. You'll be prepared to influence your personal, communal and professional activities for the rest of your life, through a Catholic Studies major or minor. At Duquesne, it's time for bigger goals.

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