Graduation Luncheon

Completing an undergraduate program is a milestone in a student's life, as is transitioning from the pre-professional phase to the professional phase of graduate-track programs. For many students, it is the final step in the formal process of education that began in kindergarten. For students who will go on to graduate school, it also marks a transition point, for studies will now be pursued at a higher level and in something increasingly more like a peer relationship with those in higher education.

In all cases, completion of an undergraduate degree or the undergraduate phase of a program is an occasion for celebration. For students with minors or majors in Catholic Studies, we want to be a part of that celebration and to be among the first to welcome them to the ranks of the graduated. For this reason, the faculty and staff of the Department of Catholic Studies invite graduating students and those transitioning to professional phases to a luncheon at the end of the academic year.

Spring 2022

In the Spring 2022, our department completed its first full academic year. In consequence of our newness as a program, most of our students were Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors. We were very glad, however, to have a graduating Senior to celebrate. Allison was the recipient of the department's inaugural Student Excellence Award, and courses from her major in Theology enabled her to take a second-major in Catholic Studies through careful course selection in her last three semesters.

I am so grateful for the grace the Lord gave me to change my major two years ago, so that as my interests, desires, and life trajectory were changing, I could pursue Him in an even deeper way through Theology and Catholic Studies...I honestly could not imagine my time at Duquesne without Catholic Studies. There has been so much growth in my own understanding and faith over these past few years, and it is only the beginning.

Allison Guerrette, Theology & Catholic Studies Double-Major, Class of 2022

Two students and the department chair smile at the camera at the lunch for graduating seniors.

Pictured from left to right:
Zoe Maxwell (CS Minor),
Dr. Kenneth Parker (Dept. Chair),
Allison Guerrette (Theology & Catholic Studies Double-Major)