Catholic Studies is about the whole human person. Community and friendship are an essential part of your university experience and Catholic Studies in particular. To that end, we organize a number of events over the course of an academic year, some of which are unique to a particular semester, and a number of which we return to year after year. These latter events constitute Traditions in the Department of Catholic Studies. We hope that you may join us for some of these activities!

Six students around a high-top table raise their glasses. An electric candle glows in a centerpiece in celebration of the First Sunday of Advent.

Advent Party
Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas, beginning in late November or early December depending on the year and continuing until December 24, Christmas Eve. It is not a season of celebration per se, but we are mindful that the liturgical year is something that we encounter together as a community of the faithful, and so we consider it fitting to come together and share food and fellowship as we look forward to Christmas and close out the Fall academic semester.

Students share a meal of fish, mac & cheese, and coleslaw during the season of Lent.

Lenten Fish Fry
Fish fries are a staple of Lent for many Catholic communities across the United States—and perhaps nowhere is this more true than in Pittsburgh! We host a fish fry in the season of Lent as a part of this larger tradition and in order to come together in community while drawing attention to the history and importance of the Lenten season, before the celebration of Easter.

Two students and the department chair smile at the camera at the lunch for graduating seniors.

Graduation Luncheon
Completing an undergraduate program is a milestone in life, as is transitioning from the pre-professional phase to the professional phase of graduate-track programs. For many students, it is the final step in the formal process of education that began in kindergarten. The faculty and staff of the Department of Catholic Studies invite graduating students and those transitioning to professional phases to a luncheon at the end of the academic year.