Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Ethics


Goals of the certificate program

The certificate will enhance competencies for ethics services across healthcare organizations, including Ethics Committees, Ethics Consultations, Education and Policy needs in ethics. The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Ethics encourages the integration of ethics across the health care organization fostering culturally competent patient-centered care.


Students have the option to start either in the fall or spring semester. Students pursuing the Graduate Certificate complete 5 courses (15 credits) chosen from the following list of 3-credit courses:

  • Even years (2022, 2024, 2026)
    • HCE-6/753, Genetics & Ethics (Spring)
    • HCE-6/750, Beginning of Life Ethics (Spring)
    • HCE-6/748, Clinical Ethics (Spring)
    • HCE-6/745, Comparative Religious Bioethics (Fall)
    • HCE-6/755, Global Bioethics (Fall)
    • HCE-6/759, Methods in Healthcare Ethics (Fall)
  • Odd years (2021, 2023, 2025)
    • HCE-6/756, End/Life Ethics (Spring)
    • HCE-6/762, Organizational Ethics (Spring)
    • HCE-6/743, Ethics of Care (Spring)
    • HCE-6/742, Healthcare Ethics in a Diverse Society (Fall)
    • HCE-6/754, Research Ethics (Fall)
    • HCE-6/759, Methods in Healthcare Ethics (Fall)
  • Every summer
    • HCE-6/758, Intensive Research in Healthcare Ethics
    • HCE-6/760, Research Writing in Healthcare Ethics

Students may choose any 5 of these courses. This offers them the opportunity to choose courses that align best with their interests and career goals.

The entire program Certificate may be completed in person or from a distance. Graduate instructors at the center for Global Health Ethics both record and livestream all of their lectures. The Center uses Zoom for students who cannot attend classes in person. In this way, they can participate in class from a distance. Students who are unable to participate in class either in person or from a distance, can watch the class recording at a time that is convenient to them.

The certificate must be completed over a period of maximum four years, thus offering students time and flexibility to complete the certificate at their own pace. All credits earned towards the Graduate Certificate may roll over into the MA, PhD or DHCE in Healthcare Ethics. E.g., a student continuing on into the MA after completing the certificate will need to complete only 5 additional courses (15 credits).

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