Master of Arts in Healthcare Ethics

The M.A. degree program includes a total of ten courses (30 credits), one required course plus nine courses selected from the general Healthcare Ethics courses. The required course is a general graduate-level introduction to ethics. The nine HCE courses will be chosen by the student with advisement according to the student's interest. 

There is no requirement for a thesis or for a comprehensive examination.

Admission requirements include a bachelor's degree. Apply today!

If students with an M.A. degree from the HCE program want to move to the PhD program, 6 more courses will be required, so that 16 courses (48 credits) have been completed before they apply for the comprehensive examination.

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Healthcare Ethics are eligible to receive a Master of Arts Scholarship through the Duquesne University McAnulty College and Graduate School that can reduce their degree costs by 25%. Please visit the graduate special awards website for specific details.