PhD in Nursing Ethics Joint Degree Program

PhD in Nursing Ethics

  • NO GRE Required
  • NO Application Fee

The School of Nursing and the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts Center for Global Health Ethics are offering an interdisciplinary PhD in Nursing Ethics. This one-of-a-kind PhD program in Nursing Ethics combines doctoral courses in Nursing and Healthcare Ethics. This online program may be completed in four years, with select residency requirements, including a study abroad component.

How credits are calculated:

26 credits - Nursing
12 credits - Health Care Ethics
3 credits - Cognate
6 credits - Dissertation
47 Total Credits

Residency Requirements
Residency 1: Doctoral Week (Summer of year 1)

Every student admitted to the PhD program is required to come to campus for the first residency, usually held during the third week of May. This week includes an orientation to the PhD program and provides an opportunity for students to meet faculty and participate in live classes for the courses in which they are enrolled that summer.

Residency 2: Study Abroad (Summer of year 2)

Students enrolled in GPNG 924 Methods of Scientific Inquiry II will take part of the course as a study abroad experience (approx. 10-14 days) in locations such as Dublin, Ireland where students will have housing at the Duquesne University Ireland campus.

Residency 3: Dissertation Final Defense (Year 4)

Students are required to come to campus for the final public defense of their dissertation.