Global Bioethics

Dr. Henk ten Have

Bioethics today is more and more a global enterprise. Not only challenges and problems are crossing borders (for example medical tourism, brain drain, international research, health disparities, marginalization of vulnerable populations, and climate change) but also approaches and solutions require international cooperation. The recent Ebola epidemic is a good example of the need for global governance. This raises the question about the ethical framework and ethical methodologies for global bioethics. This long-term area of research is focused on examining the development of healthcare ethics into global bioethics, exploring not only the conceptual and methodological challenges of the globalization of bioethics, but also analyzing and clarifying the many new issues and problems that arise within a global perspective.


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Current projects:

Henk ten Have: Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics. The multi-volume Encyclopedia will have more than 400 entries covering the scope and domain of global bioethics. It will be published in 2016 by Springer Publishers. See:

Henk ten Have: Editor of the book series Advancing Global Bioethics, published by Springer. Four volumes have been published until now:

Henk ten Have is working on a book manuscript Global Bioethics elaborating the concept, methodology and domain of this new area of bioethics.