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Conference Funding Request Forms

The Dean's Office reimburses up to $500 for one trip per academic year to present at a conference. If this does not suffice, the Center will add up to $250 for a national conference and $500 for an international conference.

Graduate students requesting support need to submit an online jot form at least one month before the conference. Prior to submitting that form, the travel must be approved by the Director. To obtain this approval, students email the director the following documents:

  • Acceptance letter for presenting at the conference
  • Accepted abstract
  • Official conference literature listing registration and hotel costs
  • Receipts for expenses incurred to date and quotes for other expenses

After travel, students submit a ROBE form to the dean's office.

Academic Forms

Academic Due Process Pamphlet
Academic Greviance Form

Course Planners

Each degree program (PhD & DHCE; Master’s; MA/JD joint degree) has a distinct Course Planner to enable students to plan their degree coursework full-time or part-time.

Course Planner: MA

Course Planner: PhD - BA Admission

Course Planner: PhD - MA Admission

Course Planner: Catholic MA

Course Planner: Catholic PhD - MA Admission

Course Planner: Catholic PhD - BA Admission

Course Planner: JD - MA