Normativity in Bioethics Conference

 Monday May 9th 2016 - Tuesday May 10th 2016
Holy Spirit College [Naamsestraat 40, 3000 Leuven], University of Leuven, Belgium

About the Conference

In bioethical publications and debates, the concept normativity is often used without consideration of the difficulties surrounding it. This is in fact surprising as within bioethics claims for normativity compete. We also cannot merely assume that a Western understanding of normative bioethics will be unproblematic in bioethics in non-Western cultures and religions. These fundamental problems challenge the current understanding of normativity in bioethics and need to be addressed in order to be able to understand and develop appropriate answers to bioethical issues in a globalized world. This conference will bring together contributions of specialists in bioethics and related disciplines with the aim of exploring new ways of understanding normativity in bioethics.

The conference will be open to a broader academic audience (graduate students and researchers).

Registration deadline: Friday April 29

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