Capstone Essay/Project - Healthcare Ethics Rotations

D. Capstone Essay/Project

  • The Rotation requires a Capstone Essay that provides a critical reflection on the practical experience. This critical component enhances the experiential learning of the Rotation.

  • Rotations HCE647, HCE681, HCE682 also require a Project to be integrated with the Capstone Essay. The Project will be assigned by the Faculty Supervisor to reflect the focus of the Rotation. The Capstone Essay and the Project together should be a 15-20 page paper (double-spaced) to be submitted by the end of the Rotation. The Project will be assigned after the Pedagogical Component at the beginning of the Rounds & Ethics Service Component. Students must submit for approval a 1-page proposal for the Project. Examples of Projects include: year-end-reviews, ethics bulletins.