Grade Assignment - Healthcare Ethics Rotations

F. Grade Assignment.

Course Instructor: The Faculty Instructor assigns grades to students based on a matrix and timetable specific to each Rotation. Grades for each component in the Rotation are assigned at the end of every component so that the student can track grade progress. The Course Grade is submitted at the end of each academic semester. Grade challenges should be submitted first to the Clinical Ethics fellow and thereafter to the Center Director.

Percentage of Grade for Rotation Components. The grade percentages emphasize critical reflection and learning. Rounds constitute nearly 50% of the time dedicated but only 25% of the grade. The purpose is to provide an extensive Round experience while emphasizing critical reflection on the experience and personal integration of the knowledge gained therein.

Senior and Junior Rotations. The grade percentages for senior Rotations (HCE681 and HCE682) may adopt the grade matrix below for junior Rotations (HCE646 and HCE647) or be designed differently with the Faculty Supervisor to reflect the learning opportunity that arises.

Grade Percentages for HCE646, HCE647.

  • Pedagogical Component: 25% of grade.
    • 35 hours, weeks 1, 2, 3: 10 hours weekly.
  • Rounds, Ethics Services: 25% of grade.
    • 70 hours, weeks 4-10: 10 hours weekly.
    • These weeks may occur over a longer period to accommodate schedules, but there should be cumulatively 70 hours of Rounds.
  • Journals, Readings, Meetings/Seminars: 40% of grade (apprx. equivalent, 4 weeks).
    • 35 hours: distributed across 7 weeks of Rounds, approximately following this time allocation.
      • 4 seminars of approx. 90 mins: 6-7 hours.
      • 7 weeks journals, 2 hours each: 14 hours.
      • 7 weeks reading 2 hours weekly: 14 hours.
  • Capstone Essay: 10% of grade (apprx. equivalent, 1 week).
    • 10 hours: final week of the Rotation.

Grade Assessment. Grades adopt the College Policy, as follows.

  • Grades and Quality Point System of The McAnulty Graduate School:
    A (4.0) Distinguished scholarly work
    A- (3.7)
    B+ (3.3)
    B (3.0) Normal progress toward degree
    B- (2.7)
    C+ (2.3)
    C (2.0) Warning. Student subject to departmental action
    F (0.0) Failure. Course must be repeated.
    Student subject to departmental action

Note: The HCE Policy is that students with a C+ grade or lower in a CORE course may be required to repeat the course.