HCE 647 - Healthcare Ethics Rotations

HCE 647

Focus: Ethics Committees: consultation, education, policy.

Level of Supervision: Some independence to interact with health professionals.

    Understanding. Learn ASBH Core Competencies.

  • Nature and Goals of ethics consultation.
  • Core competencies for ethics consultation: rationale, knowledge, process, character. See, Core Competencies.

    Experience. Participation in Case Consultations, Professional Education, Policy Review &

  • Participate in prospective and retrospective Case Consultations.
  • Participate in Professional Education and Policy Review & Development.
  • Engage the integration of clinical, organizational, and professional issues that ethics committees encounter.

    Reflection. Consultations, Education, Policy.

  • Critical reflection on Consultations, Education, Policy opportunities.
  • Critical reflection via journals, readings, seminars, and a capstone essay/project.