Journals, Readings, Meetings/Seminars - Healthcare Ethics Rotations

C. Journals, Readings, Meetings/Seminars

Each Rotation requires regular student journals, for review and revision if appropriate, ongoing readings (these may overlap with the texts selected in the pedagogical component), and group meetings/seminars. Together, these undertakings foster critical reflection on the various learning opportunities. This critical component enhances the experiential learning of the Rotation.

    Weekly Journals. Journals briefly summarize activities as referenced in the weekly time chart and offer critical reflection upon the identified activities, connecting with critical reflection on course readings.

    Weekly Readings. Students are expected to provide a 1-page summary of the reading assigned and to integrate critical reflections on readings of the week or prior weeks into their weekly journals.

    Monthly Meetings. Typically, monthly meetings will follow this schedule:

  •     9:30 Student meeting/seminar (divided into three components).
            30 minutes: discussion of student performance on Rounds/Service.
            30 minutes: discussion of selections from assigned readings.
            30 minutes: presentation on topics.
  •     11:00 UPMC/Mercy Ethics Consultation Service Review.
            All CORE students can actively participate in discussion except HCE646 students
             whose focus is observation and critical reflection.
  •     12:00.UPMC/Mercy Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) Meeting.
            Typically, CORE students do not actively participate in discussion during
             the formal IEC meeting.