Personnel Oversight - Healthcare Ethics Rotations

6.  Personnel Oversight Structure of CORE 

Center Director

  • All oversight responsibility of the CORE Program.

Faculty Supervisors of HCE681 and HCE682 (other than UPMC/Mercy).

  • With approval of the Center Director, any HCE Faculty can supervise.
  • The goal is to more comprehensively involve HCE Faculty in the CORE Program than occurred previously.

HCE Clinical Ethics Fellow

  • The Faculty Course Instructor is typically the HCE Director. All planning and coordination responsibilities accrue to the Clinical Ethics Fellow, including responsibility for HCE646 and HCE647 which typically occur at UPMC/Mercy and for HCE681/HCE682 that occur at UPMC/Mercy or elsewhere.
  • Other Fellow responsibilities include: coordinating events and meetings for students, assigning tasks among students, accompanying at Rounds, providing appropriate intervention when some corrective measures are helpful, and providing support and guidance for students in the CORE program.

Senior Student Mentors

  • Senior HCE doctoral students will provide mentoring oversight for junior students. This mentoring is always accountable to the Faculty Instructor and Clinical Ethics Fellow. Student mentoring responsibilities will reflect the seniority of the Rotation; for example, mentoring as part of HCE682 will have more responsibilities than mentoring as part of HCE647.
    HCE682 students can mentor in all other Rotations.
    HCE681 students can mentor in the HCE647 and HCE646 Rotations.
    HCE647  students can mentor in the HCE646 Rotation.
  • Examples of Senior Student mentoring:
    HCE682 student mentoring a student’s HCE681 Rotation (e.g., a Rotation similar to one undertaken previously by the senior student), providing guidance about the design, implementation, and progress review.
    HCE681 student mentoring a student’s HCE647 or HCE646 Rotation, accompanying the junior student on Rounds, assisting on ethics cases under student review, advising on projects or readings, leading seminars.
    HCE647 student mentoring a student’s HCE646 Rotation, helping to coordinate a schedule for Rounds and accompanying the junior student on Rounds.