"Coffee Talk"

Coffee Talks continued with Adele Flaherty's presentation on March 19 - Thank you Adele for a wonderful presentation!

The Spring 2019 Coffee Talks commence! Thanks to Hillary Villarreal & Asmat Islam for their presentation!


Thursday, February 21st kicked off our Center's first weekly "Coffee Talk." Interested students gathered in our conference room for food, fellowship, and dialogue. This forum created a space for students to discuss a variety of practical concerns and interdisciplinary topics including experiences and tactics for studying and writing papers, the concept of nudging and its implications for healthcare (presented by Alex Dubov), and the significance of religion in the field of medicine.

Students Attended

As a student-run event, these coffee talks are meant to be a casual and yet focused medium for scholars to discuss divergent perspectives on specific issues that are predetermined each week for the purpose of initiating discourse. Additionally, this event allows students to form a community of support and solidarity in an open and welcoming environment.

All are welcome to join us for these discussions. If you are interested in discussing a specific topic at one of our next sessions, please e-mail us at smithg@duq.edu


One of our most recent talks sparked an excellent scholarly discussion regarding the ethical benefits of health education. Originally accepted and presented at the Third Annual IAEE Conference in Curitiba, Brazil and in conjunction with the 11th Brazilian Congress of Bioethics, Aiyub Alwehaibi's paper discussed a new curriculum and educational tactic for mothers who partake in illicit drug use or alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Aiyub's paper reflected the conference theme, ethics education in times of inequities, and simultaneously provided relevant discussion points for our collogues.  

Our series of talks continues.. During the Fall of 2015 we are meeting frequently to discuss bioethical issues that are in the news or of special interest for those who are attending..

The meetings take place on Thursdays almost every week. Food and refreshments (and definetely coffee!) are served.

Please come join us when you have time..