Study Abroad Opportunities

International Relations students are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad during the course of their undergraduate studies. Through study abroad, students develop global awareness, experience diverse cultures, and gain deeper knowledge in their chosen area of concentration. Study abroad experience is also an excellent addition to a resume for those seeking careers in an IR-related field.

International Relations majors may study abroad in any country, provided that they do so through an accredited program approved by the directors. The University has two campuses abroad: one in Dublin, Ireland, and one in Rome*, Italy.

Duquesne still maintains in Rome its first (since 1985) study abroad/exchange program: DU/Villa Nazareth. For decades, this program has served, in both Italian and English, DU students in all disciplines. Presently, it is only for the majors in International Relations

The cost of the DU/VN program includes tuition/fees, room/board, public transportation in the city of Rome, as well as a few excursions throughout Italy. Students are responsible for their round trip airfare, course material, and personal miscellanea.

Dr. Carla Lucente is the director of the DU/Villa Nazareth program. For more information, please email or call 412-396-2364.