Philosophy of Communication
6th International Communicology Institute - First Biannual Duquesne Conference

Scope of the Conference

Communicology is the science of human communication. One of the Human Science disciplines, it uses the logic based methods of semiotics and phenomenology to explicate human conscious experience and behavioral embodiment within global culture. Communicology is the study of human discourse in all of its semiotic and phenomenological manifestations of embodied consciousness and practice in the world of other people and their environment. The American and Continental traditions in Philosophy ground this approach to the study of communication.

Conference Program

North American Levinas Society Conference

Emmanuel Levinas and Interreligious Dialogue

Plenary speakers:

  • James Marsh (Fordham University)

  • Leah Kalmanson (Drake University)

Raissa and Emmanuel Levinas Lecture:

  • Roger Burggraeve

Featured presenters:

  • Joelle Hansel

  • Sandor Goodhart

  • Claire Katz

Talmudic Reading, entitled "From Religion to Dialogue":

  • Georges Hansel

Conference Program