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Biennial National Communication Ethics Conference

The First National Communication Ethics Conference was held in 1990 at Kellogg Biological Station Education Center on Gull Lake in Hickory Corners, Michigan. The first directors of the conference were James A. Jaksa and Michael S. Pritchard, Western Michigan University.

James A. Jaksa Scholar in Residence Award

At the conference, the James A. Jaksa Scholar in Residence Award is presented to a scholar in the field of communication ethics whose publication record is outstanding and noteworthy. Past Awardees include:

  • 2021: Pat Arneson
  • 2018: Kenneth Anderson
  • 2016: Lisbeth Lipari
  • 2014: Pat Gehrke
  • 2012: Brenda Allen
  • 2010: Calvin O. Schrag
  • 2008: Ronald C. Arnett
  • 2006: John Stewart
  • 2004: Cliff Christians
  • 2002: Richard Johannesen*
  • 1996: Julia T. Wood
  • 1994: Franklin S. Haiman

*This was the first year the Scholar in Residence Award was associated with Jaksa.

The conference has been held on the campus of Duquesne University biennially from 2004 to the present.

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