2021 16th Biennial Communication Ethics Conference

The 16th Biennial Communication Ethics Conference was held June 8-10, 2021 on Zoom--sponsored by the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies and the Communication Ethics Institute.

The theme for this year's conference centered on Communication Ethics in Urban Settings with four keynote speakers:

  • Andre E. Johnson, University of Memphis: "Addressing the Chaos: Africana Communication and the Problem with Moving On"
  • Susan J. Drucker and Gary Gumpert, Urban Communication Foundation: "Ethics and A Mediated Polis: Love Thy Neighbor?"
  • Jordi Pujol, Pontifical University of Santa Croce: "Facing the Divide Since Babel: The Contribution of Faith to Urban Settings"
  • Erik Garrett, Duquesne University: "City Fences: The Phenomenology of Communication in and about Neighborhoods"

*The recipient of the 2021 James A. Jaska Scholar in Residence Award in Communication Ethics was Pat Arneson.

Conference Program