Dual Degree: M.A. in Corporate Communication and M.S. in Media Arts and Technology

Students pursuing a Dual Degree of M.A. in Corporate Communication with M.S. in Multimedia Arts and Technology should take a total of 54 credits of graduate classes.

24 Credits of JMA Courses towards M.S. in Media Arts and Technology

  • JMA 501 Introduction to Multimedia Technology
  • JMA 582 Media Law and Intellectual Property
  • JMA 584 Media Project Management (capstone)
  • JMA 522 Visual Design and Layout (or)
    JMA 564 Interaction Design
  • JMA 505 Graphic Design Process (or)
    JMA 575 Database for Web Development
  • JMA 579 Digital Video Production (or)
    JMA 572 Client Side Scripting I
  • JMA Elective (6 credits)

6 Credits of Shared Courses (Select either from JMA or COMM)

  • Either JMA 541 Media Writing (or) COMM 500 Professional Communication
  • Either JMA 567 Media Research Methods (or) COMM 522 Communication Research Methods (or) COMM 588 Corporate & IMC Research

18 Credits of COMM Courses towards M.A in Corporate Communication

  • COMM 501 Persuasion in the Marketplace
  • COMM 515 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 523 Communication Ethics & Professional Civility
  • COMM 536 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • COMM 537 Corporate Communication Marketplace: Local
  • COMM 527 Communication Management (or)
    COMM 563 Strategic Corporate Communication

Please contact the Graduate Director for more information.