Ph.D. in Rhetoric Admission Requirements

In addition to the online application form, a completed application file will include:

  1. Completion of a valid master's degree from an accredited institution, or its professional (J.D., M.D., etc.) equivalent
  2. Demonstration of undergraduate and graduate study sufficient and appropriate to undertake doctoral study in the field of rhetoric and philosophy of communication
  3. Submission of official transcripts, recording all baccalaureate and graduate work, and substantiating receipt of degrees
  4. Submission of Graduate Record Examination scores; Verbal and Analytical scores are of greater concern than Quantitative scores
  5. Submission of three letters of recommendation, at least two of which should be from academic sources
  6. Completion of a statement describing why the Ph.D. Program in Rhetoric at Duquesne University is appropriate for your educational development as a teacher/scholar (not more than 500 words)
  7. Submission of a representative writing sample produced for an audience (a course paper or a published article)
  8. An official score report indicating satisfactory performance on TOEFL, when appropriate

To be considered for financial assistance in the form of graduate assistantships, the deadline for completed applications is January 15th for fall admission. Application materials must be submitted to the Graduate Office via SLATE no later than August 1 for Fall admission and November 1 for Spring admission.