Richard H. Thames Teaching Award

Dr. Thames is the senior member of the faculty in the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies. He joined the faculty in 1974 and continues in active service, teaching courses at all levels in the department. Recipients include:

  • 2018 Aurora Pinto
  • 2017 M. Shivaun Corry
  • 2016 Sarah Flinko
  • 2015 Matthew Corr
  • 2014 Hongchao Qian
  • 2013 Brian Gilchrist
  • 2012 Beth Mihalec and Doug Marshall
  • 2011 Anthony M. Wachs

Our graduate students have additionally been recipients of the Duquesne University Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching:

  • 2017 Sarah Flinko

Additionally, our graduate students teach multiple sections of 100 and 200 level courses. For Public Speaking (COMM 102) and Business & Professional Communication (COMM 202), we hold speaking contests once per semester that demonstrate how instructors have guided their pupils to excellence.