Major in Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a strategic communication discipline that draws together advertising, public relations, and marketing. Students can develop competencies in advertising, public relations, event planning, emerging communication technologies, community relations, visual communication, and branding. Integrated Marketing Communication majors pursue careers in advertising and public relations agencies, consulting firms, and positions requiring strategic communication planning and strategy.

Enhanced Major: Students may take up to 15 additional credits for an enhanced major. An enhanced major allows students to supplement the 30-credit major with additional coursework and internships. This option requires consultation with the Undergraduate Directors.

Major Requirements

  • COMM 301W History of Communication
  • COMM 494W Communication Ethics

Elective Core I

  • COMM 206 Communication in the Marketplace

Select one:

  • COMM 201 Human Communication in a Technological Age
  • COMM 407 or 114 Intercultural Communication

Elective Core II

  • COMM 204 Professional Comm. in IMC (recommended)
  • COMM 202 Business & Professional (can be substituted if needed)

Major Electives

Select three:

  • COMM 330 IMC Functions I: PR
  • COMM 333 IMC Functions II: Ad
  • COMM 430 IMC Strategies I: PR
  • COMM 433 IMC Strategies II: Ad

IMC Capstone

  • COMM 436 IMC: Coordinating Ad & PR

Additional Elective

Students select one additional communication elective in consultation with advisors.