Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate curriculum is steeped in statistics, economic history, psychology, sociology and political economy. Economics majors take a number of upper-level courses, including two courses in econometrics that require students to complete several rigorous research projects.

All economics majors have the opportunity to write and defend a major economics-related thesis. These research papers may be published in academic journals and/or presented at academic conferences.

Requirements for Minor

The minor requires 18 credit hours in economics, including ECON 201, 202 and an additional 12 credits in ECON at the 300-level or above (excluding ECON 342).

Requirements for Major

The B.A. in economics requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in economics. A grade of C or better must be achieved in all economics courses.

Required courses include all economics core courses, one extra-departmental course (chose from list below) and 12 ECON credits at the 300-level or above (excluding ECON 342):

Economics Core    

  • ECON 201
  • ECON 202
  • ECON 301
  • ECON 302
  • ECON 481W
  • ECON 484W     

Extra-departmental Requirements

  • MATH 302W
  • MATH 335
  • STAT 285