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Study Abroad

Are you interested in visiting other countries while studying English or Theater? See what study abroad opportunities are available with a direct link to the department.


ENGL 446: Internship  This course provides students the opportunity to earn up to three credits for an internship secured either through the department's partnerships or through independent channels.  Department partners include ACH Clear Pathways, ARYSE, and the Gumberg Library.  Coursework will consist of business and professional writing in service of students' career goals.  Admission by permission only.  Please contact Dr. Sarah Wright for more information.


O'Donnell Undergraduate Research Award

Eligibility: Current English majors MORE

Carroll Creative Writing Scholarship

Competition: Students must submit 5 to 10 pages of creative writing

Eligibility: Any current Duquesne students MORE

Frances J. Chivers Scholarship

Competition: An interpretative essay of five to ten pages.  The essay must have been submitted in an English course at Duquesne, and have been graded and commented on by the Instructor.

Eligibility: Current English majors MORE


Student Organizations


Lexicon, the Duquesne Literary Magazine

:lexicon is the Literary and Arts Journal of Duquesne University. Each semester, the journal solicits submissions from the Duquesne University community -- including  students, staff, and alumni -- and showcases their work in the latest edition. In addition to the journal itself, a release party is held each semester, where those published have the chance to discuss and present their work to an audience. MORE

Medieval and Renaissance Players

The Medieval and Renaissance Players is a community theater that focuses on early English drama. Anyone many audition for The Players. MORE

Red Masquers

The Red Masquers is western Pennsylvania's oldest, continually producing theater company. This company is open to all Duquesne students, faculty, and staff. MORE

Sigma Tau Delta, National English Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta is an International English Honor Society whose purpose is to confer distinction upon students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. MORE

L'Esprit du Duc Yearbook

The Duquesne University yearbook, L'Esprit du Duc, is produced yearly by a team of student editors.  MORE