Film Studies

Love film? Earn a Minor in Film Studies

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To complete the minor, students must complete the following:

3 credits ENGL 205-01 Introduction to Film (already offered every semester)

3 credits ENGL 308-91 at Pittsburgh Filmmakers (agreement already exists between Duquesne and Pittsburgh Filmmakers)
9 credits Film Studies electives:
3 of these 9 credits may be taken at Pittsburgh Filmmakers depending on availability
3 of these 9 credits may be satisfied by a film class taken outside the English Department. The English Department will determine whether film-oriented classes offered by other departments will count toward the Film Studies minor.

English majors may declare a Film Studies minor, since English (literature and writing) and Film Studies are distinct disciplines. However, no more than one course may count for both the Film Studies minor and the English major.

Please contact the English Department for more information.