Theater Arts Major

The four-year B.A. program encourages students to examine and experience the relationship between drama as literary artifact and drama as performance. Students learn the skills necessary to translate the written word into a living, breathing, dynamic art.

By working with the technical side of dramatic presentation, students develop invaluable problem-solving skills, build leadership qualities and learn to work successfully in a team environment. You learn skills that keep you calm in a crisis, keep your mind flexible, make you versatile and courageous, and train you to have a critical eye.

As in all liberal arts programs, students develop flexibility of mind, clarity and precision in written and oral communication, and an ability to negotiate an ever more complex world.


15 credit hours, including:

THEA 151: Introduction to Theater

ENGL 203: Introduction to Drama

THEA 210: History of Theater I (Ancient to Renaissance)

THEA 211: History of Theater II (Renaissance to Present)

THEA 305: Directing I 


9 credit hours, selected from 300-400 level English Department courses that emphasize dramatic literature 


12 credit hours, chosen from the following:

THEA 201: Acting I (2 credits)

THEA 301: Acting II (2 credits)

THEA 302: Acting III (2 credits)

THEA 303: Acting IV (2 credits)

THEA 310: Technical Theater

THEA 405: Directing II

THEA 481/ENG 434W: Dramatic Criticism

ENGL 301W: Playwriting I

ENGL 400W: Playwriting II

THEA 496: Directed Studies (including practica in Theater Management, Technical Theater, and Performance)