Theater Arts Minor

Students who choose theater arts as a minor concentration find that it provides an invaluable set of skills regardless of a student's major course of study.


9 credit hours, including:THEA 151: Introduction to Theater

THEA 210: History of Theater I (Ancient to Renaissance)

THEA 211: History of Theater II (Renaissance to Present) 


    6 credit hours selected from 300-400 level English Department courses that emphasize dramatic literature 


    6 credit hours, chosen from the following:

    ENGL 203: Introduction to Drama

    THEA 201: Acting I (2 credits)

    THEA 301: Acting II (2 credits)

    THEA 302: Acting III (2 credits)

    THEA 303: Acting IV (2 credits)

    THEA 305: Directing I

    THEA 310: Technical Theater

    THEA 405: Directing II

    THEA 481/ENG 434W: Dramatic Criticism

    ENGL 301W: Playwriting I

    ENGL 400W: Playwriting II

    THEA 496: Directed Studies (including practica in Theater Management, Technical Theater, and Performance