Department of History

Why Study With Us?

Our programs:

  • provide students with a challenging education and equip them with skills that they--and employers--will find invaluable: to think critically, to write with authority, and to understand broadly.
  • help students learn to apply the methods of historical scholarship in contemplative and ethical ways as they deepen their understanding of the U.S. and the world.
  • foster student understanding of how and why humans and different cultures have developed as they have.
  • help students become scholars as well as educated and conscientious citizens.

The Department's faculty members also serve not only the students at Duquesne but also students of History, Classical Civilizations, and Art History elsewhere and throughout time by contributing to historical discourse through presentations, participating in conferences, and publishing articles and books.

We offer the following programs of study:

The Department of History recognizes the disruption and stress caused by COVID-19. Therefore, we have decided to extend our deadline for the MA programs in History and Public History. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but in order to be considered for funding or an assistantship you should apply by February 1st.