The Pittsburgh skyline is just part of what makes the city so distinctive.

The Pittsburgh skyline, with its many bridges, is just part of what makes the city distinctive.

Living in Pittsburgh

Duquesne University's campus stands on the Bluff above the Monongahela River and is close to the downtown quarter of the city of Pittsburgh. Frequently named one of America's "most livable" cities, Pittsburgh offers Duquesne University graduate History and Public History students access to a wealth of History agencies, institutions, and professionals close to campus.

The Department of History at Duquesne University encourages its graduate students to become active members of the campus community and participants in the many life experiences in the city of Pittsburgh.

Because Duquesne University is centrally located between two of Pittsburgh's most vibrant social and economic areas - downtown and Oakland - there are many ways to experience Pittsburgh: through its history, art and culture, concerts, outdoor exercise, and sporting events. Many cultural venues are right next door to campus. Opportunities for internships and job prospects also abound among institutions in this area.